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Winwise.SPMailing Documentation

Quick start tutorial

  • To perform installation, you must be a member of the farm administrators group
  • Outgoing mail must be configured at the farm or web application level
  • Log in to the server
  • Open the SharePoint 2010 Management Shell prompt (powershell)
  • Execute the command : Add-SPSolution "path to the file\SPMailing.Winwise.wsp"
  • Execute the command : Install-SPSolution SPMailing.Winwise.wsp -GACDeployment -WebApplication http://mywebapp

Create a site to manage newsletter
  • Navigate to the site collection that contains the informations you want to generate mailings from (SPMailing can only extract content within the current site collection)
  • Create an empty site
  • Secure this site by giving permissions only to the users that will manage the mailings
  • Navigate to site settings, site features, and activate the Winwise.SPMailing feature (user a site collection administrator in order to activate this site feature)

Create a distribution list
  • Navigate to the list called "Distribution lists"
  • Create an item
  • Add some users to the SharePoint Users field
  • Optionaly, create contacts in the contacts list and add them to the distribution list


Create a category
  • Within the site collection, identify the list that contains the informations that are to be published through a mailing
  • In the SPMailing site, navigate to the Categories list
  • Create an item
  • Set a title, a label, the url of the list, and a rendering template (predefied templates are supplied for announcements, links and articles but you can create your own or modify them with SharePoint Designer 2010)
  • Optionaly define a CAML Query to filter and sort items
  • Save the item


Create a mailing definition
Mailing definition is a set of settings that is required in order to generate mailings
  • Navigate to the Mailing Definitions list
  • Create an item
  • Set a title, the mail adress that you want to be appearing in the "From" field for generated emails
  • Set the subject of the mailing
  • Select the category that has been created previously
  • Select the distribution list that has been created previously
  • Select the "Sample newsletter* rendering template (you can create your own or modify this one with SharePoint Designer 2010)
  • Save the item


Generate a mailing from the previously created mailing definition
  • Click the mailing definition created previously so it shows the item display form
  • Click the SPMailing tab
  • Click the Generate button
Mailing is now beeing generated and you are automaticaly redirected on the mailing display form


Test, edit and send the mailing
  • Review the log field that indicates permission warnings (if a recipient is not allowed to view items returned by categories, you will be warned in the log)
  • Edit the Body field if necessary
  • In the SPMailing tab, click the "Test" button : this will send the mailing to the current user (you) so you can preview before sending it to the recipients list
    • Testing is very important because web browser rendering is often different from outlook or web mail rendering
  • In the SPMailing tab, click the "Send" button : this will send the mailing to all users indicated in the recipients field

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JonQuest May 16, 2012 at 5:57 PM 
Install commands are INCORRECT!

Add-SPSolution "path to the file\SPMailing.Winwise.wsp"

File name is actually, "Winwise.SPMailing.wsp"! Install was failing over and over because of the incorrect file name!

Install-SPSolution SPMailing.Winwise.wsp -GACDeployment -WebApplication http://mywebapp

Again, wrong file name. AND, the "http://mywebapp" should actually be the webpage of your SP site ("http://yourSPsiteaddress").

Hopefully this comment will save some people a headache!